Why Mobile Marketing?
Mobile marketing can be used by business to achieve a wide variety of outcomes, including:
Relationship building
Market Research
Reduce churn
Branding and awareness campaigns
Campaigns that drive to a physical space
Direct to targeted user wherever they may be 24/7
Ability for applications and rich content
Engage core market segments on a medium they understand
Depth of reach potential
Proximity marketing capabilities
improved conversions

Why Work With Mobile Data Group?
Mobile Data Group can offer you the following advantages:
Experts in mobile data, content, applications and delivery
Large database of opt in users specific to core markets
Network leverage able to provide aggressive pricing models
Robust platform and communication systems easily scalable and customized
Experts in mobile marketing, with a track record and qualified results
Ability to build custom mobile applications to suit

What Mobile Data Group Delivers
The mobile marketing services offered by Mobile Data Group include:
Targeted SMS campaigns
Real time reporting and conversion analytics
Creation and delivery of rich media application experiences
Campaign copywriting
Mobile Content creation, design, and editing
Mobile billing connectivity and options
Branded mobile site creation, development, implementation and management

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